Enforcement between provinces, territories and countries

All Canadian provinces and territories have reciprocity arrangements with each other and with certain other countries. These arrangements allow you to establish, vary or enforce a support order in a reciprocating province, territory or country.

Each province and territory makes its own reciprocity arrangements. Select a province or territory below to get information on its arrangements.

The United States

All of the provinces and territories except Quebec have reciprocity arrangements with the U.S. government. These federal arrangements apply to all American states and territories.

Quebec does not have a reciprocity arrangement with the U.S. government. However, it has arrangements with the following states:

If you deal with family support cases involving the United States, you may be interested in a document explaining the US concept of continuing, exclusive jurisdiction (CEJ) in United States child support cases.

If you live outside of Canada

A Canadian province or territory may enforce your support order or agreement only if it has a reciprocity arrangement with your country.

Information for lawyers

An article titled Some Considerations for Practitioners in Inter-jurisdictional Support Cases has information that you may find useful in cases where your client and the other party live in different jurisdictions.