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Resilience in Challenging Times


We use this word to describe the ability of individuals or communities to stand strong in times of great crises or emergencies, and then quickly recover to normal life.

It’s not always easy to see this resiliency when you are in the midst of the upheaval, particularly when you may be feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the future. Rest assured, however, it is there.

Every day, we are seeing this resilience in all of you. And we have no doubt that we will bounce back from this challenging time stronger and more connected than before.

We see this resilience in your daily work.

When you raise your hand to help with new files or to work with different teams, or when you put in long hours to support the Government’s response to COVID-19, or to advance files and keep our core operations going under difficult circumstances. When you find innovative ways to communicate, collaborate and share best practices—not only within Justice Canada, but also with your colleagues in other departments and agencies. When you work hard, as our Communications Branch has done with colleagues from across the Department, to provide timely and helpful information—details that matter most in a time of uncertainty.

These efforts will put us in a strong position so that we are ready to fully return to our work and fulfil the ambitious mandate we have before us.

We also see this resilience in your humanity.

In the way you are reaching out to your colleagues with humour, empathy and words of encouragement. In the way you are helping your neighbours, donating to local charities and supporting local businesses where possible. These actions are helping strengthen our networks and our resolve, which will be invaluable when our communities and our country begin to emerge and rebuild from this pandemic.

As we head into a long weekend, I really encourage you all to take a break—for yourselves and for your loved ones. More than ever, we all need to step back to refresh and reflect, to turn off the news and take a walk outside, to care for our physical and mental well-being. At the same time, please make sure you stay connected to your loved ones, even if from a distance. This weekend, many of us would normally spend time in person with our families and members of our community. But as our country’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Tam, has said, unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. These are critical times to maintain physical distancing—we must stay the course and not let up.

Find strength in the small moments of positivity and hope; these are the moments that will keep us resilient and help us through these challenging times.

Thank you. Be well, be healthy and enjoy the long weekend.

Nathalie G. Drouin, Ad. E.  –  A. François Daigle

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