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Message from Bill Kroll, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Sector

Update # 8: March 27 – Week at a Glance

As the week wraps up, we want to thank you again for your exceptional work under very challenging conditions.

With so much information flowing in and out of our inboxes every day, we have taken a few additional steps to help bring together the information that matters most for all staff, in easy-to-access and helpful places.

The Communications Branch has revamped their weekly wrap-up email to the Department, shifting the typical list of JustInfo articles and various all-staff messages, to focus exclusively on COVID-19 information for employees.

This new weekly wrap-up, which you’ll see later today, compiles links to specific pieces of content and messages added to the COVID-19 site for staff over the course of the week. It also provides a preview of what you can expect with new content for the coming week.

Some of the fact sheets added to the site today, include:

Coming up for next week, we will be sharing information with employees on topics of broad interest such as timekeeping and leave for casuals and students.

As you look ahead to the weekend, we want to encourage you to take time to rest and recharge, or simply get some fresh air. And the reminders can’t be repeated often enough: let’s maintain our physical distancing and continue to follow the advice of our Chief Public Health Officer and your local authorities.

The actions each of us take every day can help flatten the curve and ensure that we can continue to support Canadians and each other.

Thank you and have a safe and restful weekend.

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