Project Managers' Guide to Performance Measurement and Evaluation


Good project planning, implementation and monitoring processes will help to ensure that there is useful information available at the end of the project. It’s helpful to build in an opportunity to review the evaluation report outline, so that you can provide preliminary feedback. When reviewing the project evaluation reports, keep in mind questions such as:

Communicating evaluation results is also key. Where appropriate, ensure that there is a plan to disseminate your performance results and evaluation findings to your colleagues, other partners and stakeholders. Consider developing project evaluation fact sheets, or distributing evaluation results through conferences, workshops, the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence and the Department of Justice Canada Family Violence Initiative web site.

A Process of Ongoing Learning Dedicate learning sessions on specific family violence topics. Bring people together to report on their findings, share their insights and explore the implications. Develop FVI products that can be shared, and move forward with a communication strategy to enhance knowledge and awareness.

10.1 Close the Circle

Remember that performance measurement and evaluation are tools to help you learn about the FVI projects’ progress and impacts. Use results to: