Project Managers' Guide to Performance Measurement and Evaluation


Performance measurement and evaluation are powerful tools to improve management and decision making at all levels. Participatory approaches, in particular, can help to build capacity for ongoing improvement at local levels. The following chart maps some of the key benefits and how they can be used.

Benefits of Performance Measurement and Evaluation
√ Policy and Program Planning and Development Results may confirm policy and program direction, or identify gaps that need to be addressed.
√ Decision Making about Funding Finding out what works well/not so well can be used to guide future funding decisions/priorities.
√ Clarifying Goals At the outset, developing a “road map” clarifies goals, explains the “big picture” and ensures everyone shares a common focus.
√ Tracking Progress Enables monitoring and, if required, permits adjustments to be made along the way.
√ Reporting Results Promotes accountability and communicates what works well to facilitate improvement and ongoing development.