Project Managers' Guide to Performance Measurement and Evaluation


Acknowledging these challenges – and at the same time, breaking them down into manageable problems – is important. Some of the ways that these challenges can be addressed are listed on the table below:


Some Ways to Address Them

Nature of Family Violence Issues

  • Have realistic, achievable objectives – don’t overreach!

  • Choose specific indicators that make sense


  • Have a good understanding of the context

  • Give enough time to have an influence

  • Be timely in determining influence


  • Plan for performance measurement and evaluation at the beginning of the process – plan to ask questions

  • Piggyback and partner where possible

  • Provide tools and technical assistance to funding recipients


Plan and report on results - when it makes sense!


  • Clarify capacity needs – internally and at the community level

  • Build partnerships and contacts that can enhance capacity

  • Offer training on – and tools to facilitate – capacity building


  • Plan and identify indicators that are suitable and affordable – and incorporate costs into project at the beginning

  • Encourage partnerships at all levels, to stretch and leverage resources

Ethics related to family violence

  • Establish codes, standards and expertise

  • Use risk management strategies and debriefing protocols and

  • Show respect for individuals, understand the social context and use appropriate methods

  • Monitor data collection