2017 Child Support Table Look-up


This version of the Child Support Table Look-up (online look-up) is based on updated Federal Child Support Tables that came into effect on November 22, 2017. You may use it to calculate a child support amount for a period from that date onward. Use the 2011 Child Support Table Look-up to calculate a child support amount for a period before that date.

Important Tips for Using the Table Look-up

This child support table look-up will help you find the base amount of child support. Read the Step-by-Step Guide and the Table Look-up Disclaimer for more details. The Guide offers instructions and worksheets that will help explain how to calculate child support amounts. It also has information on special or extraordinary expenses that may need to be added to the basic child support amount.

You may wish to ask a lawyer for advice about your situation. The base amount is often not the final child support amount to be paid. For example, if there are special expenses such as child care or if you have a shared parenting time arrangement, the amount will likely be different.

Under the Federal Child Support Guidelines, the table amount is determined by:

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Table Look-up Disclaimer

The Child Support Table Look-up has general information only. It is not a legal document. Provincial or territorial guidelines may apply in some cases.

Note: Several companies sell software for calculating child support. Be aware that the Department of Justice was not involved in the development of that software.