Risk Factors for Children in Situations of Family Violence in the Context of Separation and Divorce


We acknowledge the voices of many child abuse and domestic violence victims who have shared their experiences in order to help inform professionals and the general public about the impact of this violence.  We appreciate the thoughtful comments and reflections from our experts in the field that are found throughout the document and in more detail in our appendices.  We also extend our thanks to our graduate students, Bryanne Harris and Katherine Vink, who assisted in our literature review and to Linda Baker and Elsa Barreto for helping us conceptualize and design our chart on the Link between Level of Risk and Appropriate Intervention.

About the Authors

Peter Jaffe, Marcie Campbell and Anna-Lee Straatman work at the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women & Children at the Faculty of Education, Western University, London ON

Katreena Scott is an Associate Professor and SCCP Program Chair
Canada Research Chair in Family Violence Prevention and Intervention
University of Toronto 

Angelique Jenney is Director, Family Violence Services, Child Development Institute
Toronto, ON

Myrna Dawson is Canada Research Chair in Public Policy in Criminal Justice Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology Graduate Coordinator, Master's in Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy Director, Centre for the Study of Social and Legal Responses to Violence, University of Guelph

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