Victims of Crime Research Digest No. 12

A catalogue of Victims of Crime Research Digest articles, Issues 1–12

JustResearch | # 14 | 2007
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Investigating the Victim Impact Statement in the Cases of Sexual Assault
in Nova Scotia: Notes on Methods and some Preliminary Observations

Karen-Lee Miller

Victim Impact Statement at Sentencing: Judicial Experience and Perceptions – A Survey of Three Jurisdictions

Julian Roberts and
Allen Edgar

An Exploration of the Needs of Victims of Hate Crimes

Susan McDonald and Andrea Hogue

The Professionalization of Victim Services in Canada

Susan McDonald

Highlights from a Preliminary Study of Police Classification of Sexual Assault Cases as Unfounded

Tina Hattem

Criminal Victimization in Canada's Territories: Results from the 2004 General Social Survey

Jodi-Anne Brzozowski

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 1 | 2008
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Victim Impact Statements: Lessons Learned and Future Priorities

Julian Roberts

Codes of Ethics for Victim Services: An Annotated Bibliography

Aubrie McGibbon

A Summary of Research into the Federal Victim Surcharge in New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories

Lisa Warrilow and
Susan McDonald

Victims and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): A Review of the Issues

Charlotte Fraser

The Court Observation Study: Collaborations Beyond Expectations

Pearl Rimer and
Barb McIntyre

Serving Canada's Crime Victims: Results from the 2005/2006 Victim Services Survey

Jodi-Anne Brzozowski

Victim-Related Conferences in 2008

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 2 | 2009
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Victimization, Resilience and Meaning-Making: Moving Forward in Strength

James K. Hill

Understanding Restitution

Susan McDonald

Facilitating Testimony for Child Victims and Witnesses

Melissa Northcott

Memorializing the Victims of Terrorism: An Overview of the Literature

Rina Egbo

Bail and Breach of Conditions in Spousal Abuse Cases: Overview of Methods Used and Methodological Issues

Nathalie Quann

Victim-Related Conferences in 2009

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 3 | 2010
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Documenting the Growth of Resources for Victims/Survivors

Myrna Dawson

"Explain Please!" Working with Victims and Restitution

Susan McDonald

Aboriginal Victimization in Canada: A Summary of the Literature

Katie Scrim

Accessing Hard-to-Reach Populations: Respondent-Driven Sampling

Sidikat Fashola

Victims Services in Canada: Results from the Victim Services Survey 2007/2008

Julie Sauvé

Victim-Related Conferences in 2010

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 4 | 2011
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Canadians' Awareness of Victim Issues: A Benchmarking Study

Susan McDonald and Katie Scrim

Domestic Violence in Rural Canada

Melissa Northcott

Practice Based Perspectives: Victimization and Substance Use

Bill Morrison,
Cynthia Doucet,
Brenda Thomas and
Patricia Peterson

Understanding the Community Impact of Hate Crimes: A Case Study

Sidikat Fashola

The 2009 General Social Survey on Victimization in the Territories: Lessons Learned

Luke Pelot,
Catherine Allan,
Jodi-Anne Brzozowski and Patrick St-Cyr

Victim-Related Conferences in 2011

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 5 | 2012
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Victim Impact Statements: Recent Guidance from the Courts of Appeal

Marie Manikis and
Julian V. Roberts

Identity-Related Crime: What it is and How it Impacts Victims

Melissa Northcott

The Darker Side of Technology: Reflections from the Field on Responding to Victims' Needs

Susan McDonald

Understanding the Experiences of Youth Victimization

Melissa Northcott

Victims before the International Criminal Court: A New Model of Criminal Justice?

Frédéric Mégret

Victim-Related Conferences in 2012

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 6 | 2013
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Building Our Capacity: Children's Advocacy Centres in Canada

Susan McDonald,
Katie Scrim and
Lara Rooney

A Survey of Survivors of Sexual Violence

Melissa Northcott

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? The Opportunities and Challenges
of Using GIS-Based Mapping with a Victim's Lens

Katie Scrim and
Clarinda Spijkerman

Police Responses to Elder Abuse: The Ottawa Police Service Elder
Abuse Section

Lisa Ha

A Comparative Overview of Victims' Rights, Enforcement Mechanisms,
and Redress in England and Wale and the American Federal Jurisdiction

Marie Manikis

Victim-Related Conferences in 2013

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 7 | 2014
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A Snapshot of Cyberbullying

Lisa Ha

Assisting Victims Through Technology

Melissa Lindsay

Let's "Paws" to Consider the Possibility: Using Support Dogs with Victims
of Crime

Susan McDonald and
Lara Rooney

Third Party Records: The Case Law from 2003-2010

Susan McDonald,
Siavosh Pashang and
Anna Ndegwa

The Human Cost of Impaired Driving in Canada

André Solecki and
Katie Scrim

Victim-Related Conferences in 2014

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 8 | 2015
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The Use of Close-Circuit Television: The Experienced of Child and Youth Witnesses in Ontario's West Region

Pamela Hurley

Identifying Young Victims in the Media in Canada: A Media Scan

Lisa Ha and
Anna Ndegwa

Exclusion of the Public and Appointment of Counsel: Tools to Help Victim Witnesses in Canada's North

Susan McDonald
and Lisa Ha

Victim Impact Statements in a Multi-Site Criminal Court Processing Survey

Melissa Lindsay

Specialized Victim Services for the Families of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: An Overview of Scope, Reach and Impact

Katie Scrim and
Naomi Giff-MacKinnon

Victim-Related Conferences in 2015

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 9 | 2016
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Trauma- (and Violence-) Informed Approaches to Supporting Victims
of Violence: Policy and Practice Considerations

Pamela Ponic,
Colleen Varcoe and
Tania Smutylo

The Right to Information

Susan McDonald

The Use of Closed Circuit Television: The Experiences of Crown Prosecutors and Victim-Services Workers in the Ontario West Region

Shanna Hickey

Vulnerable Clients and the Importance of Collaborative Treatment Planning

James K. Hill

Victim-Related Conferences in 2016

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 10 | 2017
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Sentencing for Intimate Partner Violence in Canada: Has s. 718.2(a)(ii)
made a difference?

Isabel Grant

Judging Victims: Restorative Choices for Victims of Sexual Violence

Jo-Anne Wemmers

A Strategy for Assessing the Impact of the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights – Opportunities to Make Better use of Current Data Holdings

Melanie Kowalski

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: The Importance
of Collaborative Research in Addressing a Complex National Crisis

Marsha Axford

Victim-Related Conferences in 2017

Victims of Crime Research Digest | # 11 | 2018
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Helping Victims Find Their Voice: Testimonial Aids in Criminal Proceedings

Susan McDonald

From Traumatized to Energized: Helping Victim Support Volunteers Cultivate Compassion Satisfaction in the Face of Crisis

Alisha M. Shivji and
Dawn L. McBride

Understanding the Development and Impact of Child Advocacy Centres (CACs) in Canada

Cynthia Louden and
Kari Glynes Elliott

Restorative Justice: The Experiences of Victims and Survivors

Jane Evans,
Susan MacDonald and
Richard Gill

Third Party Records: The Case Law from 2011-2017

Carly Jacuk and
Hassan Rasmi Hassan

Victim-Related Conferences in 2018