JustResearch No. 14


Here is a list of reports recently released by the Research and Statistics Division of the Department of Justice Canada that may be of interest to you, all of which are available on our Internet site at: /eng/pi/rs/index.html

  • The Review Board Systems in Canada: An Overview of Results from the Mentally Disordered Accused Data Collection Study
    Jeff Latimer, Principal Statistician; Austin Lawrence, A/Senior Research Officer
  • Bill C-46: Records Applications Post-Mills, A Caselaw Review
    Susan Mcdonald, A/Sr. Research Officer; Andrea Wobick, Research Assistant, Policy Centre For Victim Issues
  • A Meta-Analytic Examination Of Drug Treatment Courts: Do They Reduce Recidivism?
    Jeff Latimer, Principal Statistician; Kelly Morton-Bourgon, Research Officer; Jo-Anne Chrétien, Statistical Analyst
  • A Review Of Research On Criminal Victimization And First Nations, Métis And Inuit Peoples 1990 To 2001
    Larry Chartrand; Celeste Mckay
  • The Anti-Terrorism Act And Security Measures In Canada: Public Views, Impacts And Travel Experiences
    Nicole Crutcher; Michelle Budak
  • Firearms Statistics, Updated Tables
    Kwing Hung, PhD
  • Unmet Need for Criminal Legal Aid: A Summary of Research Results
    Ab Currie, Principal Researcher
  • Victims Of Trafficking In Persons: Perspectives From The Canadian Community Sector
    Jacqueline Oxman-Martinez, PhD; Marie Lacroix, PhD; Jill Hanley, PhD

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