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The Department of Justice Canada has published an Accessibility Plan , as set out by the Accessible Canada Act.

With your feedback, Justice Canada will gradually improve its approach to addressing accessibility barriers you may experience when interacting with the Department.

Becoming an Accessible Organization

It is also important for Justice Canada to know if it is making progress in removing the barriers and implementing the actions outlined in its Accessibility Plan.

All feedback counts. Whether you are a client, an employee or a member of the public who interacts with Justice Canada, you can help us assess how we are doing by completing a short questionnaire. Answering the questions will take you less than 7 minutes.

Your participation is voluntary and responses will remain anonymous. Consult the more information and privacy notice sections to learn more about why we are seeking your input and what we are doing with the information you provide.

More Information

Purpose of the Questionnaire

These questionnaires are for clients, employees, and members of the public who interact with Justice Canada. They allow you to:

  1. Provide feedback on the implementation of the Accessibility Plan, and/or
  2. Report barriers to accessibility that affect persons with disabilities.


As defined in the Accessible Canada Act, a barrier is anything that hinders the full and equal participation in society of persons with an impairment or a functional limitation.

Barriers may be:

Impairments and functional limitations may be:

What Happens After You Respond

Your feedback matters. As we implement the Accessibility Plan, our goal is to make meaningful change as an organization, and you can tell us whether we are doing so. You can also help us make informed decisions about where to focus our efforts.

The Accessibility Coordinator at Justice Canada receives your submission and compiles the anonymous, aggregated data for analysis. Each time we publish a progress report after receiving your response, you can see how your feedback was taken into consideration.

Privacy Notice

The feedback provided through this form will be collected by the Department of Justice Canada. Participation is voluntary and we recommend that you do not provide personal or protected information in the comments field. If you provide personal information, it will be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act and described in the Personal Information Bank PSU 938 entitled "Outreach Activities.” Also, please note that the Government of Canada will not make individual submissions public, but does maintain the right to report publicly on the aggregate results.

If you have questions related directly to the Privacy Act please contact the Department of Justice Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy coordinator at


We have contact forms for employee and client feedback on:

At Justice Canada, the person who receives your feedback on barriers and the accessibility plan is the Accessibility Coordinator. Feedback will be acknowledged through the same means by which it was received, unless it was received anonymously. You can also contact the Accessibility Coordinator to request a copy of the Plan or the feedback process description in an alternate format.

Available alternate formats:

Alternate formats also include:

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*For Canadians who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired, access can be achieved via their own interpreter or via Canada VRS, which provides an interpreter:  



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