Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences – 2010-2011

As required by the Treasury Board Directive for the Management of Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences, this report provides information on the total annual expenditures for each of travel, hospitality and conferences for the Department of Justice for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011.

This information is updated annually and does not contain information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

Expenditures on travel, hospitality and conferences incurred by federal departments and agencies are related to supporting departmental mandate(s) and the government's priorities.

In particular, the Mission of the Department of Justice is to: support the Minister of Justice in working to ensure that Canada is a just and law abiding society with an accessible, efficient and fair system of justice; provide high-quality legal services and counsel to the government and to client departments and agencies; and promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and the Constitution.

The Department of Justice is headed by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. The responsibilities associated with the dual role of Minister of Justice and Attorney General are set out in the Department of Justice Act and some 49 other Acts of Parliament. The Department of Justice fulfills three distinctive roles within the Government of Canada, acting as: a policy department with broad responsibilities for overseeing all matters relating to the administration of justice that fall within the federal domain; a provider of a range of legal advisory, litigation and legislative services to government departments and agencies; and a central agency responsible for supporting the Minister in advising Cabinet on all legal matters.

Further information on the mandate, roles, responsibilities and programs of the Department of Justice can be found in the Department's 2011-2012 Main Estimates, available on the following Web site:

Total annual expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences of the Department Justice are summarized below:
(in thousands of dollars)
Expenditure Category Expenditures for the year ending March 31, 2011
Travel - Public Servants $9,278
Travel - Non-Public Servants $917
International Travel by Minister and Minister's Staff * $0
Total Travel $10,195
Hospitality $283
Conference Fees $601
TOTAL $11,079

(*) Includes international travel that is part of a department's program.

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